Celebrating Patriots Day

Members of the Bedford Minutemen march in the Concord Patriots’ Day Parade on April 18, 1994.

The Bedford flag is the oldest existing flag in North America and dates from the early 1700s. The flag was present during the battle at the Old North Bridge in 1775 and a replica is proudly flown at Patriots’ Day parade each year. Other historic flags were also used during the time of the American Revolution and the following years. Included in this photo are the Gadsden flag with the words “Don’t Tread On Me” from 1775 and the Betsy Ross flag from 1792 held by our very own town historian, Sharon McDonald. The Bedford Historical Society offers a variety of Bedford flag merchandise; to purchase, click here.

By Catherine Miller, Bedford Historical Society Spring 2019 archives intern and Simmons University MLIS student.

Need to mend a broken heart? We have the glue for you!

Cupid’s Glue Trade Card, c.1910

This vintage trade card for the Dan Cupid Company was found in the Society’s archives in the Blanche Proctor and Leona Proctor Cail Collection

The interior of the Cupid’s Glue card includes a drawing of a couple and the following text: “If only you were stuck on me as I am stuck on you. Then we might always live without a need of “Cupid’s Glue.”

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Kathleen Fahey, Executive Director

Cupid’s Glue Trade Card, c.1910.

Happy Holidays

The Bedford Historical Society extends seasons greetings to its members and supporters. Thank you for your continued support of local history!

The above image is from 1908 and is part of the Bedford Historical Society collections. The Jenks family poses outdoors at Stonecroft farm, their home along Great Road, also known as the Fitch Tavern at 12 The Great Road.