Report of the School Committee, 1847

A fascinating look at the conditions in Bedford’s schools in 1847, and how a few sensible town fathers made a pointed plea for change.p1977141

Report of the School Committee of Bedford, Mass for the Year Ending April, 1847

Mr. Moderator:-

Unfortunately, for your Committee, it becomes our duty to invite the attention of the town to a dry, uninteresting and unimportant subject – the education of the youth of Bedford. Had we been appointed a Committee to prosecute every person who should take a load of gravel from the highway or make any encroachments thereon, our report would have been listened to with the deepest interest by every voter of the town. The reason is obvious – you value a load of gravel more than the education of your children – the improvement of the public roads more than the improvement of your public schools. Continue reading “Report of the School Committee, 1847”