Postcard Greetings from Snowy Bedford

The Bedford Historical Society recently received a collection of postcards that captures Bedford’s beautiful history from long-time supporter Lee Yates. The collection features images from Bedford from about 1900 to about 1970 and includes a handful of snowy scenes.

The Bedford House Hotel is shown above dressed in snow on a postcard from 1927. This building was located where the Bedford fire station now stands.

This postcard below features the Llewsac Lodge Main House and Higgins House located in Bedford. These buildings were part of a sprawling establishment that served in the early to mid-20th century as a “home for needy older women . . . [and] a vacation spot for younger working women.” To learn more about Llewsac Lodge, check out page 4 of the Bedford Historical Society October 2009 newsletter by clicking on the link below.

Finally, This snow-covered landscape shot of Bedford is from a postcard printed by The Bedford Print Shop c1913.

By Ashley Barrington, Fall 2018 Archives Intern.

Ashley joined the Bedford Historical Society this past fall as an archives intern and processed the Yates postcard collection. Ashley is a student at Simmons University and is working towards earning a Masters of Library and Information Science.

The Society Honors Bedford High School National History Day Winners

As part of our continuing mission to promote the study of history, again this year we have opened our Historical Society’s program year by honoring  Bedford High School’s National History Day prize winners. This year’s winning group produced a documentary, Zora Neale Hurston: Taking a Stand for a Holistic Portrayal of Black Women & Black Culture in Literature, and earned a third-place medal in the national competition, whose theme this year was Taking a Stand in History.

This past year’s team of Lexia Ciccone, Cordelia Houck, Natalie Knight, and Georgia Michelman, shown here along with their advisors, history teachers James Sunderland and Christine Butler and Society President Don Corey, attended the competition at the University of Maryland, and competed against an international field.

Please follow the link here to view these students’ amazing work:


The Historical Society Salutes Bedford High School’s History Day Winners


At our first meeting of our program year, the Bedford Historical Society recognized the outstanding students from Bedford High School who won honors at the State History Day competition, and went on to compete at the national event.

Students Maya Bostwick, Emily Weigert and Ava Altman won 1st place at the Massachusetts State History Day competition for their Senior Group Documentary, “Rachel Carson: Exploring Pesticides and Encountering the Power of the Chemical Industries.” The film is available for viewing on YouTube via the highlighted link.

In addition, students Michelle Gong and Stella Miller won 2nd place at the state level for their Senior Group Website, “Re-inventing Our Understanding of Humanity: Jane Goodall’s Exploration of Chimpanzees and Encounters with the Scientific World,” which can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted link.

Congratulations to all of the winners!