Rental Rates, Application, & Important Information

You have a choice of downloading the complete rental application package, or just individual documents. Please click on one of the linked documents below.

Complete Rental Package: All necessary rental forms and information as a single PDF document.

Please email to inquire about availability

Individual Forms:

Rental Application: this document explain important aspects of a Great Room rental, including rental fees, process to obtain a liquor permit from the Town of Bedford (the Historical Society cannot apply for or issue liquor permits)

Policies and Procedures for Old Town Hall Great Room Rentals

Bedford Historical Society “You Do/ We Do” Rental Information

Great Room Floor Plan Diagram: Please use this form to indicate your desired layout for tables and chairs.

Bedford Board of Health Temporary Food Establishment Operations

Old Town Hall Parking Information

List of Local Caterers and Party Suppliers

Please read all of these materials before you contact the Bedford Historical Society with any questions, and before you fill out the Rental Application.