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Meeting of the Bedford Historical Society & February Program February 28th, 2021 Town Historian and author Sharon McDonald has been researching a number of 18th and 19th Century historical Bedford residents for her virtual talk entitled, “A Cast of (Historic) Characters.” Ms. McDonald’s presentations are popular among Society members and the public at large, who have filled the venues to overflowing in past years. Curator of the Job Lane Farm Museum, she is always entertaining and precise with her facts. Copies of her books, including her latest “Bedford History for Kids” can be purchased through the Bedford Historical Society. Please email at

Bedford Day 1929

Due to the pandemic, Bedford Day 2020 had to be canceled. That doesn’t mean we won’t celebrate Bedford’s Day in 1729. The Parade, vendors, and exhibits may not be live, but it’s always fun to look back at what they did nearly 100 years ago in 1929. So here is Bedford Day, Celebrated at the 200th Anniversary in 1929!!! Music: 1812 Overture Photos belong to the Bedford Historical Society. Please do not reproduce without permission.

Bedford Memories: Stories of a Small Town
Produced by Leslie Wittman This program features long-time residents who share stories about Bedford, MA as it grew from a small farming community to a thriving Boston suburb.

On February 23rd, the Bedford Historical Society was happy to welcome Mr. Anthony Sammarco to speak at the First Church of Christ, Congregational. Mr. Sammarco presented a wonderful lecture about the famed Baker’s Chocolate Company and his book “The Baker Chocolate Company: A Sweet History”. Mr. Sammarco’s book examines the true story behind America’s First Chocolate Company, formed in pre-Revolutionary New England (Dorchester Massachusetts). The beginning of the video also includes Society Meeting updates and minutes. This lecture was made possible thanks to a grant from the Bedford Culture Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. Please keep in mind this was filmed with an iPhone 10 so the sound quality may not be 100% in some spots. Especially towards the end during the Q & A.

Boston Post Roads

Bedford Windshield

Bedford Windshield: A Quick and Easy Guide to Architecture in a New England Village”, a 1993 documentary produced by the Bedford Historical Society.
The program discusses historical homes throughout Bedford, the architecture and structural reasoning behind the properties, history of the owners, and the various styles that make New England Homes iconic.
The documentary features Mary Hafer, Previous Curator of the Bedford Historical Society and Historical Architect, Max Ferro.
Property of the Bedford Historical Society. Digitized from a VHS tape.

Colonial Militia

Bedford 275th September 2004 Intro

A Brief intro to Bedford’s 275th Birthday Celebration in 2004 Digitized from a VHS tape

Peter Salem Revolutionary War Hero

Meeting February 26 2003 Famous Grave Sites

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